Fuck the World!

Stout, 19, Newcastle Upon-Tyne...  Basically, I'm a pot head who loves, music, gaming, piercings, and tattoo's... This is just a personal blog where I'll post what ever the fuck I want, if you don't like it, fuck off, rather than sending me a message complaining about how much you don't like it... 'cause honestly, I couldn't give a flying fuck :) Soooooo yeah, welcome to my blog hope you enjoy :P

Welp, job interview when a hell of a lot better than expected…

Would say I canny fuckin nailed that shit, yessai! 






These are all so beautiful and functional. 

ah yes, i see the bedroom fandom is growing.  



Things to remember if I ever build my tiny house.

Or if we ever decide to build a big house for all frands.

(Source: dmnq8, via thehobbitsshire)

My Dad's response to his white co-workers making fun of his accent

White Co-Worker:That's not how you say it.
My Dad:But you knew what I meant so why do you have to make a big deal out of it.
White Co-Worker:Aww come on man, it's funny, lighten up will yah Nestor?
My Dad:You know I speak 5 languages, right? How many can you speak?
White Co-Worker:Just English
My Dad:Tell me something. What does a cow say?
White Co-Worker:Moo?
My Dad:That's right, the cows in my country say that too. You know why? They can only speak one language *walks away*
White Co-Worker:*sheds white tears*

So, I’ve totally got a job interview tomorrow…

And I’m totally shitting it ‘cause I know I’ll probably fuck it up… Kinda like everything else in life, I need to win the fuckin’ lottery or something…

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